Fresh Produce


When we say fresh and local, what's in our stores today was most likely in the field last night.

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Fresh and local produce. Most stores talk about it. At Carlie C’s, we deliver it.

Being a locally owned and operated supermarket, we have developed relationships throughout the communities we serve with farmers that are only a few blocks from our stores. Farmers deliver to our stores, not a warehouse, on a daily basis to ensure we have the freshest product possible.

You'd have to go to the field and pick it yourself to have fresher produce.

Produce from around the world

While we specialize in fresh local produce, we also carry a large variety of produce from around the world. Whether it’s fancy apples from Washington state, oranges from California and Florida, pineapples from Hawaii, or mangos from Mexico, Carlie C’s has the variety that will meet your needs.

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Blue Ribbon Guarantee

At Carlie C’s, we are so confident in the freshness and quality of our produce, that we back every item with our Blue Ribbon Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality, please return it for a full refund, and a free like item. We offer this guarantee so that you can be assured to receive the highest quality and the right price.